Delight your palate with largesse and liberation

Considerable pride is taken with our selection of splendid cocktails. Our expert booze engineers have created our elaborate and colourful cocktail list, whilst fine wines from foreign climes, exquisite bubbly and exclusive craft beers can also be found amongst our listings.

Exclusive & delicious drinks to impress

Our drinks list is unique to Camm and Hooper, you won’t find our hand-curated cocktail infusions on any other menu and Victorian Bath House is where the magic really started. Be sure to explore the exquisite decanter wall in the Victorian Lounge, filled with stunning decanters sourced by Lady Lovejoy from the far reaches of Scotland.

Our Chief Booze Engineer heads up all the beverages unique to Camm and Hooper, infusing the best spirits with his own concoction of herbs, spices, fruits and sometimes other wonderful mystery ingredients, creating delicious flavours like no other. Bring your event to life and serve your drinks in one of many interactive choices, think dry ice, beverage trolleys and DIY drinks stations. Forget long queues, our infused spirits can be served in giant kilners, so your guests can enjoy them neat, over tonic or to create their own cocktail without any hassle or waiting around.

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